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Functions of the Admissions Office

  1. Functions of the Dean of Admissions
    (per Administrative Memorandum No. 135 series 2005)

    1. Manage the Admissions Office and its personnel, programs, projects and activities;
    2. Develop and propose policies, programs and projects, including research undertakings designed to improve the system of admission and course program placement of students, in coordination with the relevant offices;
    3. Prepare the work and financial plan and submit the required reports pertinent to the disbursement of funds;
    4. Recommend the hiring of needed manpower (casual employees and student assistants) in the Admissions Office;
    5. Evaluate the work performance of the staff, including the student assistants and the faculty members rendering service in the Admissions Office for leave credits;
    6. Submit accomplishment report and other reports required by the administration;
    7. Establish, whenever possible, linkages with other institutions and agencies that will redound to improved admission procedure and related system in the university;
    8. Take charge of such university publication as catalogues, directories and announcements pertaining to admissions; and
    9. Perform other functions that may be assigned by higher authorities.

  2. Functions of the Assistant Dean
    (per Administrative Memorandum No. 134 series 2005)

    1. Assist the Dean of Admissions in the general administration and supervision of the office
    2. Attend to the routine communication and other similar forms required periodically of the personnel of the office;
    3. Perform the duties and functions of the Dean of Admissions in her absence;
    4. Represent the Dean of Admissions in faculty or committee conferences, meetings and similar activities in her absence;
    5. Oversee the preparation of entrance test materials;
    6. Supervise the conduct of tests administered by the office;
    7. Take charge of the statistical treatment of data on tests administered and researches conducted at the Admissions Office; and
    8. Perform other functions that maybe assigned by the Dean of Admissions as the need arises.

  3. Duties and Functions of Clerical Staff

    1. Rey M. Mapusao (Administrative Aide III)

      • Prepare forms and other office documents;
      • Issue and release BUCET/HISET/Pre-School application forms;
      • Process BUCET/HISET and Pre-School application forms;
      • Assist in the revision of the BUCET and HISET;
      • Assist during the administration of BUCET and HISET;
      • Prepare attendance sheets for HISET examinees;
      • Score and review BUCET and HISET answer sheets;
      • Encode the Master List for the BUCET and HISET;
      • Prepare inventory of supplies and materials during the start and end of the year;
      • Procure equipment, supplies and materials;
      • Assist in canvassing supplies and materials;
      • Process application forms for transferees and shifters;
      • Answer queries on requirements and related information on student admission;
      • Release test permits and mail test results;
      • Compute the BUCET applicants' GPA;
      • Take charge of official radio announcements and TV advertisements pertinent to testing schedules of the office; and
      • Do other assignments that may be assigned by higher authorities from time to time.

    2. Analey E. Encinares (Administrative Aide III)

      • Answer queries on requirements and related information on admission;
      • Keep and file records in the Admissions Office and update the same;
      • Release and receive BUCET application forms;
      • Release test permits;
      • File application forms by Permit Numbers;
      • Proof - read the BUCET Attendance Sheets;
      • Compute the Grade Point Average of BUCET applicants;
      • Review examination records, attendance records and answer sheets for BUCET and HiSET in preparation for coding, scoring and filing purposes;
      • Review the scoring of HiSET answer sheets;
      • Act as assistant to the Examiner during BUCET, HiSET and Pre-School Test;
      • Supervise the student assistants in maintaining the upkeep of the office;
      • Prepare test results for mailing;
      • Recommend to the Dean office files to be discarded;
      • Keep records of disbursement made by the Admissions Office;
      • Prepare vouchers, payrolls, TEV's and the like; and
      • Do other assignments that may be assigned by higher authorities from time to time.

    3. Doris O. Basallote (Administrative Aide III)

      • Encode reports and inter- office communication;
      • Assist in tallying the results of the BUCET/HiSET trial-run in preparation for item analysis;
      • Encode and print the Revised BUCET/HiSET test items;
      • Assist in computing the GPA of the BUCET applicants;
      • Encode applicant's information data in the BUCET and PRE-School Master Lists;
      • Print the Attendance Records in preparation for the BUCET/HiSET test administration;
      • Print the BUCET/HiSET/Pre-school Master Lists for proofreading;
      • Act as Assistant to the Examiner during the BUCET/HiSET test administration;
      • Assist the Dean in coding the BUCET/HiSET answer sheets;
      • Encode and prepare the summary of score distribution of the BUCET and HiSET;
      • Rank the transmuted ratings of the Pre- School Admission Test results using MS Excel;
      • Sort and Rank BUCET and HiSET Ratings using the Ms Excel;
      • Print the test results for mailing;
      • Check and verify data on BUCET forms to ensure accuracy;
      • Do other assignments that may be assigned by higher authorities from time to time.

    4. Napoleon Kris A. Venus (Data Encoder)

      • Encode personal information data of applicants for BUCET, HiSET, and KAT;
      • Encode routine office communication, proposals and other relevant documents;
      • Compute the Grade Point Average of BUCET and HiSET applicants;
      • Prepare appointment list of student assistants;
      • Attend to walk-in clients requesting for information regarding admission policies and similar queries;
      • Receive filled -up Application Forms of BUCET applicants;
      • Issue BUCET test permits to applicant; and
      • Perform other tasks that may be assigned by higher authorities from time to time.

    5. Celso B. Balbido (Messenger/Janitor)

      • Provide labor services;
      • Maintain cleanliness and upkeep of the Admissions Office and its surroundings;
      • Photocopy documents including test materials;
      • Bind test materials;
      • Ferry documents to and from offices concerned; and
      • Perform other tasks that may be assigned by higher authorities from time to time.

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